By Windsor Genova


Tokyo, Japan

Hackers have attacked the websites of Japanese government offices and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), where nuclear data was feared stolen, the National Police Agency said.

Websites of the National Personnel Authority (NPA), a video distribution service and a site run by the Cabinet Office received massive amounts of data in what is described as distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Also attacked was the website of MHI, leading to fears that data on military products might have been stolen and leaked online. The attack in mid-August affected the heavy machinery manufacturer's 80 computer servers, including that of its plants that build submarines and missiles as well as nuclear plant parts.

While admitting that its computers were infected with several viruses, MHI denied that data on its products and technology leaked out.

Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa ordered the company to review its information control systems.

The NPA found online messages posted in China urging cyberattacks on Japanese websites ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of China. There was also Chinese language script found in the attack.

The postings and the Chinese script points to Chinese hackers as the culprits in the attack.

China's foreign ministry issued a statement denying it was the source of the hackings.


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