By Windsor Genova


Tuba-Zangariya, Israel

Suspected Jewish extremists burned down a mosque in northern Israel on Monday sparking a brief rioting by Arab-Israelis, who protested against the arson attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the burning of the mosque in the village of Tuba-Zangariya and ordered the state's intelligence agency to catch the arsonists.

The prime minister said such attack has no place in Israel, where freedom of religion and worship is highly valued.

Suspects have been arrested but police are not providing details.

The burning of the mosque bore signs of Jewish extremism as the walls were spray-painted with the words "revenge," "price tag," and "Palmer" in Hebrew. The word "price tag" refers to violent attacks to protest the reduction of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The word "Palmer" refers to Israeli settler Asher Palmer, who was killed together with his one-year-old son on Sept. 23, when Palestinians threw stones at his car.

Residents of Tuba-Zangariya held a protest march after the incident and threw stones at anti-riot police trying to contain them. The police fired tear gas to repulse the protesters.


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