Tehran, Iran

Iran claimed to have arrested six people for passing information to the British Broadcasting Corporation with the aim to portray a negative image of the Islamic nation.

Freedom of press is quite limited in Iran and only a few Western journalists are allowed to work, but the ruling government always sees their views with suspicion.

According to conservative Iranian newspaper Resalat, authorities have arrested five men and a woman in different parts of the capital. "They were members of a network which supplies information, produces films and clandestine reports for the country's only foreign media service, BBC Persian program with the aim to portray a bleak picture of Iran," Resalat said.

The paper quoted Revolutionary Guards spokesman Ramezan Sharif as saying, "The BBC tries to identify elements inside the country (who produce) particular cultural productions in order to use them against the Islamic establishment."

In London, the BBC denied the arrest of their staffers, adding that the six people in question were independent documentary filmmakers whose films have been screened in festivals and other venues internationally.


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