By Jupiter Kalambakal

Beijing, China

The world's second largest economy edged up its economic growth forecast to 10.4 percent from the earlier projected 10.3 percent.

The revision came economists forecast China's 2012 economic performance could go below 9 percent for the first time since 2001.

China's National Bureau of Statistics said the gross domestic product in 2010 totaled $6.272 trillion (40.12 trillion yuan), up 321.9 billion yuan over the previously-released figure, mainly because of high volume production in the services sector.

That sector accounted for 43.1 percent of the country's economy, while the primary sector -- mainly agriculture - was at 10.1 percent. Secondary sector manufacturing, meanwhile, gave more than 46.8 percent of the nation's economy.

Meanwhile, economists feared China will hit the rock next year with gross domestic product expected to register below 9 percent for the first time in a decade.

Regulatory officials said the declining economic conditions in the largest developed countries plus weakening demand in global markets will put a strain to China's overall performance in 2012.


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