By Jupiter Kalambakal

Sydney, Australia

Qantas Airways faces yet more negative publicity and possible legal action from the mother of an unaccompanied child traveller after the Australian airline confessed losing the boy at Hobart Airport last month.

The boy's mother, Leanne Decleva, lashed at the airline for failing to properly take care of her son on Sept. 28 given that the airport was in a mayhem because of storms that caused flight delays, passenger disruption and lost baggage.

The airline initially rebuffed Decleva's claims, but later admitted to losing the child, citing "human error" caused the breakdown in procedure.

Decleva claimed that Qantas not only lose track of the 11 year old child, but also lost the paperwork involving the boy's flight. The boy was also left to wander the airport on his own to look for his mothert.

A child protection worker, Decleva got angry when she learned Qantas had no paperwork to sign for her boy's collection and didn't know who was authorized to pick him up.

Decleva is thinking filing legal actions against Qantas after declining a $1000 travel voucher "peace offer."

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