When it comes to 3-D gaming, Sony is making a big push to be the leader in delivering a quality 3-D experience to PS3 owners all over the world. At E3 this year, they announced a brand-new, 24-inch 3-D TV to hit the stores and give people a stereoscopic display at an affordable $499.99. I got a chance to see this display in action and can surely say that this new TV is quite the bargain - and still a really nice display even at a cheap price.

First thing first, you have to take a look at what's being offered. The TV comes as part of a bundle that will include an HDMI cable, one pair of active 3-D glasses, and a copy of "Resistance 3." There are other 3-D TVs at the same size of Sony's, but most, if not all, use passive glasses as opposed to active glasses, which produces a better 3-D image. Plus, the TV is capable of displaying 1080p 3-D, making it a high-quality image in a class that usually features 720p displays.

Not only is the TV capable of 3-D images, but it utilizes a split-image technology that will allow people to see two different images in the different pairs of glasses. This feature is really neat, allowing for two people to have a full image as opposed to splitting the screen like most games do. What is really neat is that there is little to no ghosting occurring on the screen, as opposed to looking at the screen without the glasses. However, colors are not quite as vibrant, as the TV is splitting the processing power to display two simultaneous images. Unfortunately, there is no 3-D display available in this mode.

When it comes to the 3-D image, it certainly holds up really well for a TV at its price. Even though the display is small by many people's standards, you can't argue with the quality of the picture you're getting. And with some of the best-looking games such as "Uncharted 3" being equipped with 3-D capability, this TV is definitely worth picking up if you want to try out 3-D TVs for the first time.

As for the glasses, the TV will come with one pair, and you will have to pay $69.99 if you'd like any additional pairs. When using the split-image mode for two-player gameplay, pushing the button directly above the lenses will switch which image you're currently looking at. That most likely means these glasses have been designed specifically for this TV.

Despite it being a budget TV, the quality of the product is anything but budget. The stereo image is a really good quality, and the split-image technology is a good step forward in the way TVs display our games. With "Resistance 3" bundled into the package, it's certainly hard to turn down a free game. If you're in the market for a 3-D TV, this product certainly does deliver at a bargain cost.

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