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No more media coverage of it; this should have been over the day after it happened.

I only wish Tiger Woods had stuck to his guns and refused to say anything about it instead of posting that statement on his website. The ridiculous obsession this country has with sticking our collective noses into every corner of people's lives is an abomination.

Comment by Scott of MN


I know that we all are human, but when it comes to family you have to admit that family comes first. My husband and I have had some rip-roaring fights, but you know what?

We will never go to another person to make things better. I have often thought I would like nothing better than to get back at my husband by having an affair with another person. But when it comes right down to that, I could never do that. I guess that reality hits me and I think that having an affair with someone else is not going to accomplish anything.

With regards to Tiger Woods, I guess he thought that having an affair would help alleviate some stress? You can never get rid of a person you are having an affair with. They will make you pay big time! I guess this is what is happening with Tiger. I really feel sorry for him and his family. I really hope that Tiger and his wife can work things out. When you come right down to it, family is what counts and to hell with everything else. I hope Tiger and his wife can find the common ground.

Comment by D. Cambell of CA


I thought he was human before. You always know when someone has a squeaky clean image that something is just not right. No one is perfect, yeah, but cheating makes him human? Absolutely not.

Cheating makes Tiger Woods a liar and a morally questionable human being. Is he a horrible person? Probably not, but that in no way excuses his actions. As for the whole privacy thing, I have no sympathy for Tiger, but I feel horrible for his wife.

I don't think the public owes him much, but I think we owe his wife the privacy she deserves as she struggles through this whole ordeal. I'm not sure how she could possibly stay with him, especially now that other women are coming forward.

I just don't understand how he thought he could possibly get away with this. I guess an inflated ego makes you feel invincible.

Comment by Elizabeth of AZ


Hero worship is the problem, not the heroes.

As a human being, chances are Tiger Woods is no better than whoever is sitting in the next room right now. If he goes on to break every record in the book of golf, that's one thing. If it comes out the day after he retires that he is a serial killer or Santa Claus, it doesn't affect the record book one way or the other.

The mistake is thinking that excellence in any field, much less fame, reveals anything about one's character, a person's feelings for his spouse or kids, or his ability to keep his pants on. What do Tiger Woods, David Letterman, and Bill Clinton have in common? No matter how high they rise, there will always be something a little pathetic about them. But then, there always was. We just didn't know about it for a while.

The pedestals are the problem, not the people. No one can stay on them for long.

Comment by Doug of MD


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