Wonderful Wimbledon Facts

Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, has a rich history and is filled with fascinating facts and statistics. Here are some wonderful Wimbledon facts by the numbers:


Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and it is held over two weeks in late June and early July.


There are three main events at Wimbledon

Men's Singles, Women's Singles, and Mixed Doubles.


The tournament has been held at its current location, the All England Club, since 1877, making it one of the five oldest tennis tournaments in the world.


There are a total of eight grass courts at the All England Club where matches are played during Wimbledon.


Wimbledon introduced a tiebreak in the final set when the score reaches 9-9 in games. This is unique to Wimbledon among the Grand Slam tournaments.


The record for the most Wimbledon Men's Singles titles is held by Roger Federer, who has won it 8 times. On the Women's side, Martina Navratilova and Serena Williams share the record with 9 titles each.


Wimbledon's iconic Centre Court has 19 courtside seats in the first row, known as the "Members' Enclosure."


Wimbledon's famous strawberries and cream tradition sees an estimated 20 tons of strawberries consumed by spectators each year.


There are 28 cups in total awarded to champions across various events and age groups at Wimbledon.


The record for the most consecutive Wimbledon Men's Singles appearances is held by Roger Federer, who made 22 consecutive appearances from 1999 to 2020.


The capacity of Centre Court is approximately 14,979 spectators, and it has hosted many memorable matches over the years.


This was the year when the Women's Singles event was first introduced at Wimbledon.

£34 million

The total prize money for Wimbledon champions in 2021 was £34 million, with the Men's and Women's Singles winners each receiving £1.7 million.


Approximately 42,000 tennis balls are used during the Wimbledon tournament.


The highest recorded attendance for Wimbledon was in 2017 when a total of 549,346 spectators attended the tournament.

1.5 million

Wimbledon serves over 1.5 million cups of tea and coffee to spectators during the event.

8 million

An estimated 8 million balls of wool have been used to repair the famous Wimbledon Ballot for tickets over the years.

These numbers and facts offer just a glimpse of the rich history and unique traditions that make Wimbledon such a celebrated and iconic tennis tournament. Wimbledon continues to captivate tennis enthusiasts and fans from around the world with its heritage, world-class tennis, and timeless charm.

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