Rufus the Hawk Keeps Wimbledon Pigeon-Free

Before the day's matches start at Wimbledon, Rufus the Hawk is dispatched by his trainer to patrol the skies over the courts and chase away any problematic birds

Rufus the Hawk is a Harris's hawk that has become a well-known and beloved figure at the Wimbledon Championships. Rufus plays a crucial role in keeping the Wimbledon grounds free from pigeons and other birds, which could disrupt tennis matches and create a mess.

Here are some interesting facts about Rufus the Hawk and his role at Wimbledon:

Professional Bird Scarer

Rufus is a trained bird of prey, specifically a Harris's hawk. These hawks are known for their agility and hunting skills.

Wimbledon Tradition

Rufus has been patrolling the skies above Wimbledon since 2000. His presence has become a Wimbledon tradition, and he is considered an important part of the tournament's heritage.

Pest Control

Rufus's primary role is to scare away pigeons and other birds that might congregate around the tennis courts. The presence of birds can disrupt play, as they might fly onto the court during matches or leave droppings on the grass.

Daily Routine

Rufus and his handler, Imogen Davis, arrive at Wimbledon early in the morning during the tournament. Rufus flies around the grounds, deterring pigeons from settling in the area.

Crowd Favorite

Rufus has become a beloved figure among tennis fans and the Wimbledon staff. Many spectators look forward to seeing him in action, and he often receives attention from the media.

Special Wimbledon Outfit

During his Wimbledon appearances, Rufus dons a custom-made purple and green outfit, which matches the tournament's official colors.

Natural Deterrent

Rufus's mere presence is often enough to discourage pigeons from congregating at Wimbledon. The hawks are natural predators, and their appearance in the sky is intimidating to other birds.


Rufus is a well-cared-for bird, and his role at Wimbledon helps promote the importance of bird conservation and responsible falconry practices.

Social Media Star

Rufus has his own Twitter account, where fans can follow his Wimbledon adventures and learn more about his role at the tournament.

Rufus the Hawk's unique and important role in pest control at Wimbledon showcases the creativity and dedication that goes into maintaining the pristine and bird-free environment of the All England Club during one of the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments.

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