Fun Facts About Wimbledon

Wigs, strawberries and cream, and even falcons! There's a lot more going on at Wimbledon than just tennis.

Wimbledon, also known as The Championships, is one of the most prestigious and iconic tennis tournaments in the world. It's known for its rich history, traditions, and memorable moments. Here are some fun facts about Wimbledon:

Oldest Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It was first held in 1877, making it over a century old.

Grass Courts

Wimbledon is one of the few major tennis tournaments played on grass courts. The grass is meticulously maintained to ensure a perfect playing surface.

Royal Patronage

Wimbledon has received royal patronage for over a century. Members of the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, often attend matches.

Strict Dress Code

Players are required to adhere to a strict dress code, which includes wearing predominantly white attire. This tradition dates back to the 19th century.

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and cream are a quintessential Wimbledon snack. During the tournament, it's estimated that spectators consume around 28,000 kilograms (62,000 pounds) of strawberries and 10,000 liters (2,200 gallons) of cream.

Longest Match

The longest tennis match in history took place at Wimbledon in 2010. It lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes, with John Isner defeating Nicolas Mahut.

Middle Sunday

Wimbledon traditionally takes a day off on the middle Sunday of the tournament, making it one of the few major sporting events with a scheduled break.

Tennis Balls

Over 50,000 tennis balls are used during the Wimbledon tournament, and they are changed frequently to ensure consistent bounce and quality.

Prize Money

Wimbledon offers one of the highest prize money purses in tennis. Winners of the singles events receive substantial cash prizes.

Green and Purple

The official colors of Wimbledon are green and purple, which are reflected in the tournament's branding and decor.

No Tiebreak in the Final Set

Unlike other Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon does not use a tiebreak in the final set of a match. To win, a player must secure a two-game advantage.

The Royal Box

The Royal Box at Wimbledon is reserved for members of the royal family and other distinguished guests. Spectators are not allowed to wear hats or sunglasses when sitting in the Royal Box.


Wimbledon was one of the first tournaments to adopt the Hawk-Eye electronic line-calling system, which allows players to challenge line calls.

The Queue

Fans who don't have tickets can join "The Queue" in the early morning hours for a chance to purchase day-of tickets and gain entry to the grounds.

Rain Covers

Centre Court and No. 1 Court have retractable roofs, which allow play to continue even in rainy weather, ensuring that matches aren't postponed.

Wimbledon's unique blend of tradition and world-class tennis action makes it a standout event in the sporting calendar, and its history is filled with remarkable moments and records that continue to captivate fans worldwide.

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