Miranda Cosgrove isn’t getting much of a vacation this year, but she’s not complaining.

The 16-year-old actress is busy filming a slew of new “iCarly” episodes, but that hasn’t stopped her from partaking in some of her favorite pastimes: shopping, gaming and singing!

Q: On Twitter you mentioned you had a fun day yesterday. What’s up with that?

A: I thought I had to do the table read for work. I was running late and freaking out. They totally surprised me and let me go shopping all day. The creator of “iCarly”’s wife couldn’t make it to my birthday party [in May], and I’ve known them since I was 8, so she and I got to hang out and go shopping.

Q: When you’re trying on clothes and want to know what looks cute, whose opinion matters most to you?

A: Probably my best friend, Cat. We always go shopping together. I’ll come out of the dressing room, and she’ll tell me yes or no.

Q: When you’re on set and have a little downtime, what do you like to do?

A: Nathan [Kress] has been teaching me to play all these crazy video games. There’s this new “Mummy” game, and I’ve been playing that with him a lot. I actually beat him once, which was insane because he’s, like, the king of video games. It was one little round, and I’m still talking about it!

Q: What does your dressing room look like?

A: I redecorated it a few months ago, and I got this new cute white couch. I have a big “MC” painted on my wall. Everything in it is pink and purple -- pretty girly.

Q: You’ve been working on your own CD. How is that coming along?

A: It’s coming out in the fall, and I only have a few more songs left to record. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the songs, because I’ve been working really hard on it. All of the songs are about things that have happened to me, so it’s going to be cool for the fans to get to hear about all these crazy things I’ve been through!






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