Jerimiah Yap

Only two years since Apple's iPad debuted in China and it already owns close to 73 percent of the country's tablet market. Research firm Analyses International concluded that there was an increase of 63 percent in tablet sales in the second quarter this year compared to last year.

The second best selling tablet vendor in China is Lenovo with an 8.38 percent market share. This is followed by the Chinese-made Eben tablet with 3.63 percent. Samsung placed only fourth with 3.59 percent of the market and Acer ranked fifth with 3.27 percent.

"That's a commanding lead, so much so that none of the rival tablet makers Analysys tracked managed to crack even a 10 percent share. Lenovo, ranked second to Apple, captured a market share of only 8.38 percent. And Samsung couldn't even manage half of that, claiming a share of just 3.59 percent -- table scraps," AllThingsD reported.

Samsung isn't as popular in China as it is in other parts of the world. The Korean electronics company is seen as the only challenger to the iPad's dominance.

"Analysys's survey of the Chinese tablet market follows, by a week, IDC's analysis of the global tablet market, which found Apple to have nearly as commanding a lead worldwide. According to IDC, Apple captured a 61.5 percent share of the global tablet market in the second quarter," AllThingsD added.

The figures for Apple do not include the latest generation of the iPad. Despite high demand, consumers were unable to purchase it. Apple did manage to sell numerous iPad 2 units because of slashed prices.

Microsoft is scheduled to enter the tablet market before the year ends with its Surface tablet.