Your Guide to Wireless Headsets
Your Guide to Wireless Headsets

by Jeremy Cleland

If you find your neck getting tweaked from using your smartphone, your state has adopted a hands-free phone rule for driving or you’re just tired of untangling your headphone cord and missing a call in the meantime — it may be time to invest in a wireless headset.

The options are endless. And unfortunately, it can be hard to know how well a wireless (i.e. Bluetooth) headset will work for you until you actually use it (which makes it hard to return in some cases if you don’t like it).

To give you a head start towards picking the right headset for you, take these steps:

1: Pick a style

There are headphones and headsets. The latter is typically much smaller and more common for taking phone calls versus listening to music or playing video games. When it comes to wireless headsets, you may want to head down to a brick-and-mortar store like Best Buy and actually try them on for comfort.

2: Pick must-have features

Do you need noise cancellation to limit background sounds, or voice commands for hands-free use in the car? Think about the settings you’ll be in when using your headset and the features you must have.

3: Pick your range

Make sure you get a headset with Bluetooth specification 2.1 to 4.0, which is going to offer a wider range of how far you can be away from your phone with your headset on. Also, these specifications offer easier pairing — meaning how quickly your headset can hook up to your phone and stay connected.

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