Waterproof Gadgets That You Will Want For Your Next Trip
Waterproof Gadgets That You Will Want For Your Next Trip

by Milvian Prieto

It’s important to be cautious of your gadgets while traveling. A common fear while traveling with tech gadgets includes: my device may get stolen or damaged. Sand from the beach may get into your brand new camera or you might accidently drop your phone into the pool. It happens. But waterproof gadgets help remove the fear of taking photos in and around the water, creating more flexibility for the photographer and a greater variety of images to enjoy.

Whether you’re an adventurer or on a relaxing vacation, chances are you may encounter water coming close to your phone, camera or smartwatch. Don’t let the chances come too close, where you will damage your gear and have to worry about replacing or fixing it during your trip. Use these tips to keep your devices safe and dry riding the waves in Costa Rica or hiking up a waterfall.

Misfit Shine

While you’re out and about, the Misfit Shine’s tiny and portable device allows you to track everything from steps, calories burned and distance walked to monitoring your sleep. It’s super small and is able to be placed just about anywhere on your body. The Shine is water-resistant, allowing you to trek through any waterfall or stream without any worries. The best thing about this device? There’s no need to charge the battery and it is Bluetooth enabled, making it easy to connect and track progress on your phone.

Fugoo Style

Have you ever lounged around at the beach and hoped that there would be music to complement your scene? Fear no more, Fugoo Style’s sleek audio speaker is sleek, wireless and portable. The speaker has 40 hours of battery life and is waterproof, snow-proof, mud-proof and shockproof. So you can take it to the beach or a campsite bonfire and blast your tunes without ever worrying about it being damaged or running out of battery.

LifeProof Fre Case

No need to worry about damaging your phone when you’re by the water. The LifeProof Fre phone case is 100% water-resistant. Not only does this case have a sleek design, it is also shockproof, dirt-proof and drop-proof. So feel free to rough it in the mud with your phone or take selfies underwater with the LifeProof Fre Case.

Canon PowerShot D30

Whether you’re biking, kayaking or hiking, this camera is ideal for any adventurer. Canon’s PowerShot D30 camera is the world’s deepest waterproof camera, allowing you to snap photos up to 82 feet underwater. Whether you’re scuba diving in Mexico or snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands, take beautiful still shots or videos in 1080p under the sea. This camera is shockproof and can adjust to any temperature ranging from a chilly 14 degrees to a scorching 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These are just a few nifty waterproof gadgets that will make your life easier the next time you go on your next adventure. These gadgets are fun and easy to use, and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your adventures without fear of damaging your gear. Keep these in mind for your next trip. Happy traveling!

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