The Safest Tech Products for Kids On the Market
The Safest Tech Products for Kids On the Market

by Jessica Baker

My nephew recently turned 10, and there is no doubt he’s what the experts call a “digital native” — screen time is a big part of his life. I want him to be safe, but also encourage his curiosity and learning as he explores these gadgets that will be so much a part of his life as he grows up.

To help you in your own quest for kid-safe goodies, here are some of the products I found that are fun, and also will allow him to enjoy his technology safely:

MarBlue's HeadFoams

Ages: 3 and up (Price: $29.99)

What you’ll love:

These durable, lightweight, inexpensive, kid-sized headphones with volume control are the best way to keep little ears safe while protecting the rest of the family from music and game noises.

Net Nanny

Ages: 3 and up (Price: $31.99)

What you’ll love:

This flexible, dynamic parental control software can be set up on any device to manage the content your child sees. A variety of features can be customized to help parents block unwanted sites and content, as well as manage screen time through designating time ranges and allowances.

GreatCall Splash GPS Tracker

Ages: 6 and up (Price: $49.99 + $19.99/month service)

What you’ll love:

There is a wide-range of trackers on the market now — check with your mobile phone service carrier as they might have options, too. The GreatCall Splash GPS tracking system, for example, comes in the form of a small, durable device that can be placed in a backpack or used as an app that can be downloaded on any device. You get regular updates, and the child carrying the device can use it to call for help if needed. For small children also check out Mommy I’m Here ($57.95), a teddy bear you can tie to their shoes or backpack.


Ages: All (Price: Free)

What you’ll love:

Life360 is an app that’s more for you than for the kids. The product is available on the iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone. Not only can you share info with your family (like to-do lists) or coordinate carpools, but at any time you can see where your subscribed family members are physically on a GPS map. It’s a great app if emergency strikes or your kid is late coming home and you’re worried.

Kurio Xtreme Tablet

Ages: 3 and up (Price: $129.99)

What you’ll love:

Lightweight and thin — it’s so small little hands can easily handle it — this durable and easy-to-use tablet comes pre-loaded with age-appropriate content and parental controls and filters. The exclusive motion games have the added bonus of keeping kids jumping, running and moving to play them.

While we all want our kids to be able to enjoy the latest and greatest in tech, as parents, we worry about keeping them safe, as well. These apps, and the many others on the market just like them, help us do just that.

Online and offline learning expert Jessica Baker is co-founder & COO of The Respect Institute, where she researches and writes how-to and coaching content for parents and youth, including how to navigate relationships on the Internet.

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