New Personal Robot Could Become Next Family Member

A robotics company in China has produced what it's touting as the world's first personal robot, a roaming, bilingual device known as BIG-i. Nathan Frandino reports.

Meet BIG-i.

This self-navigating, roaming robot produced by Chenzhen-based NXROBO could be coming to a home near you. And when it does, NXROBO CEO Dr. Tin Lun Lam hopes BIG-i will fit right in with the family.

Developers programmed BIG-i to recognize its family and follow their commands. With just a WiFi connection, users can even link BIG-i to appliances, allowing it to adjust and change their settings, like an air conditioner or a TV. Lam says BIG-i can even help out with the kids.

NXROBO CEO, Dr. Tin Lun Lam:

"We know that in every family the environment and also the family member is different. So we developed a robot with very high face visibility and every function or action of the robot is decided by the user so it is highly personalized."

"And also you can let the robot (know) by saying that; 'if you see my son in the kitchen, please remind him to wash his hands before eating something'. So it can do lots of things."

A personal robot for your family can be a great addition to your household, providing assistance with various tasks and also serving as a companion. Some features that may be desirable in a personal robot for your family include:

    Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing

    The ability to recognize and respond to voice commands and questions in a natural way can make the robot feel more like a member of the family.

    Mobility and Navigation

    The ability to move around the house and navigate obstacles, such as furniture, can help the robot assist with tasks like cleaning, organizing, and fetching items.

    Safety Features

    A personal robot for your family should be designed with safety in mind, including features such as obstacle avoidance and emergency stop buttons.

    Entertainment and Education

    The robot can be programmed with educational and entertainment features, such as games, trivia, and learning activities, to provide additional value to your family.


    The ability to personalize the robot's appearance, voice, and behavior can help it feel more like a unique and special member of your family.

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