How to Buy Refurbished Gadgets
How to Buy Refurbished Gadgets

by Stuart Goldstein

It seems every other week the top electronics companies are coming out with the latest piece of must-have technology. However, price tags for these gadgets can be unreasonable and out of range for the average consumer. Factor in the short lifespan many gadgets have before they become obsolete, and you’ve got reason to question the costly purchase or, more wisely, consider taking a look at the refurbished electronics market, where gadgets are almost indistinguishable from their brand new counterparts.

Here is all you need to know.

A refurbished gadget is simply one that has been returned for a few possible reasons: a minor or major fault, damaged packaging, or the consumer changing their mind. Once returned, the manufacturer will fully test the returned product and fix all the issues and reset the software to its factory settings. This process effectively renders the gadget as good as any you will find in store or online, at a discounted price. This being said, it is also possible to buy a refurbished gadget that has never been used or opened.

Laptops, smartphones, game consoles, cameras and TVs can all be bought refurbished and at up to 50% off their original retail value.

Huge savings can be had if you are savvy enough to find the right deals at the right time. The sheer volume of electronics sold every day means there will be a high level of returns to accompany them, which means refurbished deals are getting added and updated on a daily basis. Although there is still a small level of risk involved with refurbished items, as there is when buying any electronic gadgets, the upside of going refurbished outweighs the risks.

It is important when purchasing refurbished gadgets to thoroughly check what you are getting with the item.

Refurbished electronics may not come with original extras as a store or factory bought one might, e.g. charger, cover, etc. A good habit is to always read online forums and discussions on common issues with the specific gadget to ensure your refurbished gadget isn’t experiencing these negative symptoms. Also ensure a warranty or return policy is available when purchasing refurbished electronics.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when purchasing refurbished gadgets is where you buy them. It is important to only use credible sources. When buying from top outlets and large online retailers, you are usually guaranteed a warranty which adds extra security to your purchase and covers you against still faulty products. The goods will have been repaired and repackaged by that retailer or manufacturer before being made ready for repurchase which gives you a point-of-contact and returns policy in case the gadget is not properly refurbished.

The top rated and most trustworthy outlets to purchase refurbished gadgets from are:

Apple Store

All Apple products from iPhones to Macs, refurbished, tested and certified and sold with a one year warranty.

Sony Store

Sony TVs, laptops and gadgets tested and certified that are sold with a warranty of up to one year.

HP Business Outlet

Tested and certified HP electronics that are sold with an “as new” warranty.

Nikon Outlet

Refurbished Nikon cameras and lenses that are tested and certified are available with a one year warranty.

Dell Outlet

Dell laptops and hardware are available, tested and certified with a one year warranty.

Purchasing refurbished gadgets from trusted manufacturers and third party retailers is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest technology while not breaking the bank.

Stuart Goldstein, father of three tech savvy teenagers, is a tech product fan who has been reviewing and writing about products for three decades. Products that can be used to enhance sports performance and manage analytics are his favorite coverage subjects.










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