Cool Gadgets to Keep Your Pets Entertained
Cool Gadgets to Keep Your Pets Entertained

by Cian Laurence

For those of us who love animals, pets play a huge part in our lives, whether you own a pint-sized chihuahua or an exoctic reptile. Since ancient times, animals and humans have lived together and supported one another. We keep pets for many reasons; for support, for security, for companionship, and of course, for love and affection. They come in all shapes and sizes, furry and scaly, small and large; but the one thing remains constant: pets are a major part of the human family. 

There is no feeling like coming home after a tough day to see that your pet is full of energy and so happy to see you. It is difficult for us to take our minds off the fact that when we leave our pets early in the morning, they are left to their own devices in our homes for long periods of the day. Technology has transformed the way we handle nearly every important aspect of our lives, so surely it can help your pets. Everything from apps to interactive chew-toys, the latest gizmos and gadgets are great for keeping our pets entertained with and without us present.

Perhaps the best way to keep in touch with your pet while at work or out and about is with Petcube. This interactive gadget allows you to monitor your pet’s activities through the small cube which has a wide-angle lens, microphone and speakers, all of which are activated through the Petcube app. Not only will your pet will be able to see and hear you, they are also able to play with you through a laser which you can activate and move via the app. This is a nifty way to keep both you and them entertained while you are apart. This gadget is perfect for everything from kittens to ferrets.

Leaving a new puppy or kitten at home is always cause for concern, be it the painful goodbye or the fear that they will get up to no good. The Sleepy Bunny is a gizmo to keep your playful pet calm, relaxed and more importantly, well-behaved when you are away. While designed specifically for dogs, this cuddly toy has been proven to work for cats, too, thanks to its pulsating heart feature which mimics the rhythm of a mother’s heartbeat anytime your pet approaches via motion sensors. Hearing a maternal heartbeat helps calm pets and feel less insecure.

One of the great things about owning a dog is that they keep us fit and active. They must be walked or played with, but sometimes after a tough day at work, we simply do not have the energy that they do for such exercise. DogTread is a fully functioning treadmill for your dog that comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, to suit everything from your Bichon Frise to your St. Bernard. Does your dog need to shed some weight or is the weather too bad for a much- needed walk? DogTread has got you covered.

Perhaps you prefer feathers to fur. If that’s the case, Talk N Play Phone is just what you need to keep your bird company throughout the day. The small and easy-to-hang gadget is touch-activated and great for teaching your bird how to speak. Equipped with a mirror and easy to push buttons which repeat common phrases like “hello” and “I love you,” the Talk N Play Phone will soon be your budding budgie’s best friend.

We all know that the best way to get your dog to obey a command is with treats. So what do you do if you see via camera your dog rummaging through the bin or up on the table while you are out? Petzi Treat Cam allows you to see, communicate and dispense treats to your animal. Similar to Petcube, it works via an app with speakers, microphones and a wide-angle camera that allows your pet to respond to your voice and receive a nice treat to keep them happy until dinner time.

The above gadgets and gizmos are smart solutions to keeping your pet satisfied and feeling your presence for those moments you can’t be with them. However, it is important to remember that the best way to keep your pets happy and healthy is through regular exercise and play with you!

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