The Smartphone Afterlife
The Smartphone Afterlife

by Niall McCarthy

Do you plan on upgrading your smartphone?

Across the world, many people purchase the latest and hottest smartphone without giving the fate of their old model a second thought. That results in countless older devices languishing in corners collecting dust. According to a report from Blancco, however, most smartphones do actually get a new lease of life after their owners move onto the latest and snappiest gadget.

45 percent of smartphone owners planning to purchase a smartphone this holiday season will either trade in their old model or attempt to resell it online. 22 percent of people will give their older device to family or friends while 18 percent will be able to trade it in for an upgrade from their network operator.

The smartphone afterlife isn't always a happy place for unwanted devices with 5 percent of people planning to physically destroy their old phones as soon as they purchase new ones.

The chart above shows what people will do with their old smartphones when they buy a new one.


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