Pros and Cons of Portable Smartphone Chargers
Pros and Cons of Portable Smartphone Chargers

by Milvian Prieto

For times when I’m constantly on the go, a portable charger for me is a must-have. According to a recent study, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day. As an avid smartphone user, the most traumatizing time of my life is when my phone battery dwindles down to a meager 5% and there is no power outlet in sight.

Portable chargers are an easy solution to avoid any situation when your cell phone is out of juice and you’ve got a long way to go until you make it to a charger.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a portable charger:

Portable Smartphone Charger Advantages


The best thing about these chargers is that they are in fact, portable. Whether you’re commuting to the office or on a long flight with no access to an outlet, these chargers are ideal to use. Put it in your bag or in your pocket and let your phone charge.

Charges Universally

Chargers come with a built-in USB port and can easily connect to any cable with the appropriate ends. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the USB port provides compatibility with almost any device.

Reasonable Price

With a wide variety of brands, colors and sizes, you can find a portable charger at a decent price. They are priced reasonably (average from $8-$20), which won’t put a hole in your wallet. However, the price of higher quality portable chargers can rise up to a few hundred dollars.

Portable Smartphone Charger Disadvantages

Needs To Be Charged

The portable charger itself is a battery and requires charging. So if you frequent using one, you can be sure to add the portable charger, along with any other accessories (tablet, smartphone and laptop) to the list of things that need to be charged.

Battery Gets Drained

A lot of people tend to connect their device to a portable charger when charging is not necessary. It is recommended to only charge your phone when your battery has little to no juice left. In this case, when connecting your phone to a portable charger when it isn’t crucial, your battery tends to drain faster causing your phone’s battery life to go down.


If the portable charger is not conveniently sized, it may be difficult to put in your pocket or carry around with ease. A bulky portable charger may add some extra load to your bag causing some inconvenience.

When deciding to purchase a portable charger, take these advantages and disadvantages into consideration. Whether you’re out all evening or on a long commute, portable chargers are a must-have especially when you’re constantly on the go. Spend time researching what works best for your particular lifestyle.  

Milvian Prieto, a New Jersey-based writer, is on a quest to find the best apps that benefit 20-somethings and young families. She loves learning about technology and the way it impacts our lives.

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