How to Find Free Wi-Fi
How to Find Free Wi-Fi

by Cian Laurence

We’ve all been there. Desperately in need of WiFi for work, for directions, for anything and everything, and it being nowhere to be found. As smartphones and gadgets have become an essential part of our day-to-day routines, we have become dependent on their capabilities to keep us functioning. Without access, we may feel cut off from society, if not the world. While open WiFi networks and hotspots are available at many restaurants, cafes, buses, and even subways, it’s good to know how to get WiFi access when you find yourself unable to connect.

Here are the top available apps that allow you to see and connect to free networks while you’re on the go.

Free WiFi Map

This is our number one pick for a reason. Free Wi-Fi Map, from your current location, identifies all available open connections in that area and places them on your Google maps. The app has a database of passwords for certain connections which require them; they also encourage all new members to fill in new or blocked Wi-Fi networks that they may know in the area. This app also has cheap travel tips and route planning, which is shareable with your friends. This is a must-have for anyone who struggles with their connection on the go.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

This app is great for finding free internet connections not only locally but also internationally. It remembers regularly visited connections and allows you to build your favorite spots that connect once you enter those specific Wi-Fi zones. This app is great for execs and those who frequently travel and need readily accessible internet.

Osmino Wi-Fi

Osmino uncovers a massive amount of hotspots and free Wi-Fi networks and places them on your smartphone maps so you can connect while you are on the go. This app also allows users to rate and review the networks on their speed and ease of connectivity that helps new users see which connections are the best for quick and easy access. Like the above apps, Osmino is free to download but covered in annoying ads, which can disrupt your search. However, those ads can be removed if you do not mind paying for the app, which, in this blogger’s opinion, is well worth the dollar.

Free WiFi Finder

Not to be confused with the above mentioned Free Wi-Fi Map, this app works based off your Google maps to pinpoint open internet connections near you and also generates how long until you get into their range. This app is absolutely ideal for someone who needs to know the nearest Wi-Fi spot as quick as possible without all the extra bells and whistles.

Sometimes it’s hard to plan when we will need an Internet connection.  Find out which of the above apps suit your needs best to ensure you are never left stuck without internet access while on the go again.

Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it's available.

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