Jeremiah Yap

Microsoft is working hard on its next operating software Windows Blue, which according to rumors, is slated for release this summer.

"Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed that the software giant is aggressively targeting a summer launch date for Windows Blue, ensuring its development cycle is short. Microsoft recently passed Milestone 1 for Windows Blue, but the company is now readying a Milestone Preview which will form the basis for a public preview," The Verge reported.

The public preview for Windows Blue will be in a few months, as reported by website win8china. Microsoft promises bigger and better features -- one of them being a better search functionality.

The Bing team is planning on making searches for movies and apps easier for users. Not only would users be able to search, but also play it instantly. Blue will allow users to search within apps, instead of just searching for apps.

"The current implementation of search in Windows 8 supports deep search within apps, but users currently have to select those apps to search within them. Blue will expand on that, providing apps are updated to support it, by extending the search abilities of the OS," The Verge added.

Blue is expected to support tablet devices and have Internet Explorer 11 built-in.


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