Smart Online Games for Kids
Smart Online Games for Kids

by Stuart Goldstein

With children today spending up to 44.5 hours per week online, it is important for parents to ensure that some of this time is spent productively on educational sites. While kids may be drawn to social networking sites most of the time their online, games and news feeds are popular with teens, and for good reason. We can thank pre-K and elementary school teachers for getting children excited about math and other subjects with clever sites that use games to teach concepts.

Online games are extremely popular: they are brain ticklers, engaging, challenging, and sometimes quite educational and frequently a great deal of fun.

The Internet is full of absorbing games, quizzes and puzzles to stimulate brain development and help kids learn outside the classroom. Here are our top ten online games to ensure (some of) your child’s time online is spent productively.

Math Playground

Allows kids to problem solve using simple mathematics and stimulates brain power.

NS Teens<

NSTeens makes games and puzzles out of real life online problems and teaches them proper online conduct. Issues tackled include cyberbullying, inappropriate posting and profile set-up.

Sheppard Software

Holds an array of safe and educational games from everything to science, history and arts for kids from kindergarten to middle school.


NASA Kids offers games, fun facts and knowledge-based trivia to encourage kids to be more interested in aspects of space travel and science.   

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is an online archive of interactive stories, games and comics that are suitable and educational for children all of all ages.


Poptropica is an online community of adventure and learning in which kids can explore safely without the need for parents to worry. The online community allows kids to develop their own character and jump around 35 different islands, all of which have their own unique stories and challenges to solve.

Fresh for Kids

Online access to a range of games involving fresh fruits and vegetables which teaches kids the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living.

Nourish Interactive

This website offers educational games, recipes and exercises for children of all ages to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Academic Builders

Kids from first to sixth grade can learn language, math, arts and vocabulary with these video-based online games.

Physics Games

Updated with new games each week, Physics Games features games and puzzles that kids have to solve using the laws of physics.

Using these sites will help your child advance their skills in many areas such as math, science, vocabulary, foreign language and much more -- all while having fun! These games are a great way for your child to utilize their time spent online while helping brain and problem solving development. Your kids will be entertained and feel challenged yet engaged with these online brain teasers.


Stuart Goldstein, father of three tech savvy teenagers, is a tech product fan who has been reviewing and writing about products for three decades. Products that can be used to enhance sports performance and manage analytics are his favorite coverage subjects.

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