How to Gain More Instagram Followers

by Cian Laurence

Struggling to get your 'like' count up? Trying to figure out how to gain more followers? Here are the top tips to maximize your presence on Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites to share photos with your friends and keep up-to-date with your favorite celebrities. Thanks to easy-to-use photoshop apps, you can turn virtually any photo into a “like”-worthy image through various filters and editing features. As with all social media, Instagram shows your follower count. While many of us strive for higher numbers and a more balanced ratio between following and followers, getting the right images on your page will increase your “likes” and followers. Followers are crucial to “likes” for a photo.

It’s quite gratifying to receive a high “like” count on a post. Yet, sometimes even high quality images don’t get the “likes” we’d expect. Some Instagrammers have been known to delete those unloved photos, in hopes that their page will appear more attractive and popular.

So how do we fix this? How do we heighten our follower base so that our pictures can rack-up more “likes”? Here are some helpful tips to get your following up so that you, too, can become (almost!) Insta-famous.

Stick To A Theme

Having a similar theme or message throughout your photos and videos will enable you to gain traction in the areas you feel most connected. For example, if you love to bake or cook, upload mouth-watering, relevant photos and they will find their way into the right communities and help you get the followers you want.

Tag, You’re It

Tagging people, companies or brands in your post is a clever way to gain more followers. Tagging someone relevant to your image will send them a notification and direct link to your photo which may prompt them into following you.

Stay Public

When setting up your account, you are given two choices: public or private. Setting your profile to public allows all 400 million users of the app to view, “like” and share your snaps. Allowing other users access to your profile is a surefire way to get that those with similar interests to your page. It’s a big community and you’ll have access to it by keeping your setting public.

Use #Hashtags

Instagram works through filtering hashtags. Using a particular hashtag will relate your photo or video to a whole network of others interested in the same thing as you. Hashtags work like online folders, which are great for gaining more followers. I recommend using as many relevant hashtags as possible to help boost your account’s presence and visibility.  Currently, Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be used on a single post.

Be Creative

Funny posts, uniques posts, posts that are relevant to a topic but are a bit quirky are a clever way to up your follower numbers on Instagram. Being different and personable across your account will allow people to connect and become invested in your account, tell friends about your page and help boost your credibility.

Now you have it, the easy-to-follow steps to gaining more traction and followers on Instagram. Remember, it’s considered good etiquette on Instagram to “like” those back who “like” you. This reciprocal liking is a sure-fire way to build follower and “like” numbers on your Instagram page.

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