Jeremiah Yap

Palo Alto, CA

With struggling global PC sales, computer manufacturer HP is shifting its focus to tablets. Chief executive officer Meg Whitman believes that HP still has what it takes to undergo innovation.

"In September 2011 we were nowhere on mobility, so we're catching up fast but we have to manage these transitions when they were perhaps not managed as well as they could have been

"We're not incrementally changing the business, we are shifting resources from PCs to tablets, from one operating system to another, from one kind of chipset to another," Whitman said during the Morgan Stanley conference in San Francisco.

HP has already moved towards a different direction after launching a Chromebook and an Android tablet.

Whitman took HP's CEO job two years ago. She wants the company to meet "specific needs of customer segments." The company plans to start developing simple and small projects.

To cut costs, HP is undergoing a three-year plan of laying off workers. HP employs an estimated 300, 000 employees.


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