Sleep Better Thanks to These Mobile Apps
Sleep Better Thanks to These Mobile Apps

by Bev Bachel

I’ve always been a good sleeper — crawl into bed, close my eyes, and in seconds I’m sound asleep. Except when I travel. In that case, falling (and staying) asleep can be a challenge.

While many experts advise giving screens a bedtime curfew, there are some mobile apps that can actually help deliver the sleep our bodies need.

Here are three I like, all of which receive high marks from, a consumer website designed to help people make better decisions about their health:

1: Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold

Cost: Free on Google Play and the App Store 

Glenn Harrold is a best-selling author with more than 20 years of experience as a hypnotherapist, all of which he puts to good use in this high-quality app which features two free hypnotherapy recordings, as well as additional in-app purchase options.

Recordings feature subtle background soundscapes and Harrold’s own soothing voice, which many users, myself included, describe as “amazing.” Recordings also feature background affirmations to help bring on sleep and facilitate positive change. But what if you’d rather read than listen to audio tracks? Several eBooks by Harrold are included in the app as well.

2: Sleep Time+ Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock

Cost: $1.99 on Google Play and the App Store

This app promises what many long for: the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. The app uses your smartphone to detect your movements during the night, and an advanced algorithm assesses whether you’re sleeping lightly or deeply. The app even sets off your alarm at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle so that you never wake up feeling groggy.

The apps’ interface gets high marks as well. It’s simple to understand and easy to use, which helps you stay relaxed. But what I and many other users love best is the data it provides. You can see a full history and detailed graphs that make it easy to determine how much sleep you’re getting now, as well as how that compares to what you’ve gotten in the past.

3: pzizz

Cost: Free on Google Play and the App Store

If you want to improve the quality of your life, pzizz can help. Billed as the world’s most advanced sleep and power nap system, pzizz combines neurolinguistics programming, inspiring words, enchanting music and calming sounds to help you get the sleep you need in order to maintain good physical and mental health.

Each time you use it the app generates a slightly different soundtrack for you, that way your subconscious stays engaged. And because pzizz helps calm your mind, you fall asleep easier and enjoy more restorative sleep, a valuable benefit that I, and other users, applaud.

Sweet dreams!


Freelance writer Bev Bachel lives in Minneapolis and uses her phone to talk, text and email friends and family around the world. She’s the author of What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go For It!

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