Make Your Family A Digital Scrapbook
Make Your Family A Digital Scrapbook

by Susan Marque

My mom still has a pink book filled with photos of my sister and me, but you can definitely see that mine was abandoned quickly as mom then had her hands full with two babies.

Lifecake is a popular iOs/Android app by Canon that is similar to the old-fashioned baby book idea, but makes it easier to create and integrate both photos and videos. You can upload content from your phone, your Facebook account, Picasa, Instagram or even Dropbox.

The Lfecake app automatically dates the photos, including how old your child was at the time the photo was taken (we’ll explain how below).

As you add photos or videos, Lifecake automatically creates a beautiful scrapbook-type layout for you to easily scroll through … and be proud of.

Here are a few basics to make the most of the app:

1. Add your kids’ birthdates

In order to date stamp your kids’ ages, when you first sign up, the app will ask you to add your child’s name and birthdate. At any time you can go to the settings tab, found in the upper right hand corner, and add another child. You might want to also adjust the upload quality for videos in the settings as well.

2. Check your data needs

The app is free for up to 10 GB of stored content. If you wish to have unlimited data, there is a VIP option for $5.00/mo or $36.00/yr. With either option, the experience is ad-free and you can easily download all of your photos/videos from the settings tab at any time.

3. Invite your loved ones

Lifecake works on any device, and you can invite your family and friends to see your scrapbooks and comment.

4. Use the timeline view

With a touch of your finger, you can view the age of your child at the top of the app’s screen, making it easy to pinpoint a moment and revisit the photos and videos from that time in his or her life.

5. Get a printed book

For $50 (plus shipping) you can also get a printed version of your treasured scrapbook (up to 80 pages).


Susan Marque got her M.F.A. in creative writing from The New School, writes for magazines, television, and is currently working on a memoir. She is also a healthy food expert, loves both food and tech, and all things photo related.  Her photo art has sold in Beverly Hills and London.

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