How One App is Changing the Way People Read While On-the-Go
How One App is Changing the Way People Read While On-the-Go

by Jeremy Cleland

It’s inevitable: You’re on Facebook, YouTube, email or searching the web, and you come across a video, image or article you’re interested in saving to peruse later. But you seem to forget about bookmarks, which you can’t access from all your devices, and you don’t want to, yet again, send yourself an email with the link — that’s not efficient.

The solution to this problem, for me, has been Pocket.

Pocket is a free app for your smartphone that is also integrated into your other favorite apps like Twitter.

Pocket has more than 17 million users, according to its website, and lets you figuratively put articles and videos in your “pocket” to view for later via your iOS/Android smartphone, tablet, Kindle or laptop.

Here’s how to start using it:

1. Get Pocket.

You can register and sign up using your Google login or email address.

2. Start saving.

If you sign up via laptop or tablet with Chrome, Pocket can add an extension to make it easy to save links from your browser, or you can email links to your pocket account using a personal address the app creates for you and it automatically saves them.

Pocket creates an archive of your “saves” with graphics it pulls from the videos or articles, creating a simple viewing list for you. You can easily favorite or delete items. It also automatically syncs across all of your devices.

3. Tag.

Using tags helps you organize your Pocket content easily. For example, if you’re planning a vacation you could tag links #summervacation, or you can download the app for your kids, too, so they can tag and save resources for school reports.

Pocket also gets to know your preferences and may recommend links to you, as well.

One last note: Pocket is now offering a premium service for $4.99 per month that lets you back up a permanent archive of your saved content, searchable by tags (vs. just URLs or title).


Jeremy Cleland has been a spokesperson for several Silicon Valley startups, like Tesla Motors, and spearheaded global stories about technology featured in media like Vice, Time magazine, Forbes and He’s also the dad to a 5-year-old who is already more tech-savvy than him.

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