Fun Family Activity Apps
Fun Family Activity Apps

by Bev Bachel

If you’re sick of hearing your kids say they’re “bored” on the weekends or during the long summer months, you’re not alone. This is where free apps like Yuggler can come in handy. Developed by two brothers, Yuggler offers offline activity ideas—with tips and photos—that come from Yuggler parent users, not from advertisers.

These features not only help you find activities that are age- and interest-appropriate for your kids, but they also save you time. Yuggler also comes with a unique feature that can save you money. “We curate and review Groupon’s data and match over 10,000 deals for kids’ activities with our data to help parents save as much as 70% on the activities they and their kids are most interested in,” says Thomas Bodenski, a dad and Yuggler co-founder.

Based on that research and conversations with parents worldwide, Bodenski says the best activity apps include three important features:

1. Engaging, human-created content that changes frequently

2. The ability to search that content anytime, anywhere, using keywords and classifications that are meaningful to you

3. The ability to add activities to your calendar, set alerts and organize your family’s fun

In addition to Yuggler, here are four other activity apps that are free, available on the App Store and Google Play, and also get high marks from both moms and dads:


Discover popular and recommended events, festivals, classes and more with this user-friendly app. You can even personalize which events you see based on your kids’ ages and interests.

Field Trip

Want to make driving more interesting and find fun activities no matter where you go? Field Trip uses your phone’s location to automatically notify you when something interesting—an event, a museum, an outdoor art exhibit, for instance—is nearby. If you have a headset, the app will read the information to you. Field Trip will even detect when you’re driving and “talk” to you and your kids about interesting things taking place around you.


If you want to know what’s happening “near” you, Nearify is the app for you. From nearby art and tumbling classes to outdoor concerts and fun runs, this app will keep you and your kids on the go.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

Bird festivals. Movie nights. Species spotting. Scenic drives. These are just a few of the outdoor family activities this app will help you find. Featuring every national and state park in America, plus wildlife refuges, recreation areas and more, Oh, Ranger! is like having a personal park tour guide in the palm of your hand. Choose from 20 different activity categories and easily access directions, phone numbers and related websites.


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