Virtual Pet Apps That Teach Children Responsibility
Virtual Pet Apps That Teach Children Responsibility

by Heidi Raker

When your child starts asking for a pet, as a parent, you may be hesitant to fulfill their request and make a trip to the shelter or pet store. There are questions of whether they are ready for a pet, or responsible enough to take care of one. Experts agree that children demonstrate readiness to care for a pet when basic responsibilities are managed (like teeth brushing and emptying the dishwasher) without parents having to nag and maturity is evident in viewing the daily responsibilities of pet adoption.

In this age of apps and websites, the pet rock is out, and the virtual pet is in, giving parents and kids a means of practicing pet care before real adoption. Check out these top apps for raising a pet right on your phone that will help prepare your child for the homecoming of a real pet when the time comes.

1. Webkinz

If you are looking for an all-inclusive pet nurturing experience, then Webkinz is a great option. It is both a website and an app that promotes taking care of pets by feeding and caring for them. There are even fun learning games for your child to play that suit many different types of children. Webkinz allows them to register whatever kind of virtual pet they want, and if they have a Webkinz stuffed animal, they can use it for an even more immersive experience. The stuffed animals retail for about $5-10 and the app is free. Webkinz is intended for ages four and over.

2. Pocket Pup

For all the children who love puppies and want one of their own, Pocket Pup is an app that will help them prepare for a real dog. Once they name their puppy, it is their responsibility to train him, feed him and play games like fetch with him. Receive rewards and stars for taking good care of the pup and even create a 20-page storybook all about him.

3. Egg Baby

For Android users, Egg Baby is one of the most popular apps in the world of virtual pet care. After adopting an egg, there are many different options for care and feeding, but it is also a fun and playful app that allows kids’ creativity to flow. The egg can be dressed up in many different ways and can have countless egg friends. Feeding and playing with it keeps the egg happy and healthy. You can even collect other eggs, and they all eventually hatch into a variety of cool creatures.

4. Pet Shop Story

This is a clever app that lets you raise an entire pet shop. It doesn’t just focus on the care of one kind of pet, but rather, a variety of dogs, cats and birds. It even allows you to visit other pet shops to see other animals, which your child will love!

5. My Horse

For the horse lover, My Horse is the perfect app. It allows the user to raise a strong and healthy pet that can become a racehorse. You can gain coins and gems for succeeding and taking good care of the horse. My Horse is a free app that is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

There are so many apps that are useful for teaching children the value of taking care of a pet and having responsibility. Your child can learn much about caring for, feeding and nurturing animals from all of these games and apps, which will prepare them for the special day that a real pet becomes a part of the household. 

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