Music Streaming Apps Teens Love
Music Streaming Apps Teens Love

by Jeremy Cleland

They say the music you’ll always love is the music you loved as a teen. These days, that music will most likely be listened to via an app on a teen’s smartphone.

Among the music streaming apps populating teens’ smartphones, a few are much more popular than others, according to parents. “SoundCloud and Spotify,” says Roxana Noboa, a California mother of two teens. “You can listen to underground artists that teens like in SoundCloud. In Spotify, you can listen to one album without paying for it like you have to on iTunes.”

Here are the music-streaming apps your teens love — and that you will, too:


The Internet radio app Pandora, mimics the traditional radio in many ways. You create stations — based on artists or genres you like, for example — and Pandora spins similar beats.

You can skip some songs, but there is a limit before an ad will play. The downside is that Pandora plays ads like the radio.


Free or $4.99/month for the ad-free version

What they’ll love

Discovering new music through their artist stations.


This audio-sharing app lets users share music they’ve recorded, find new artists and track downloads.

However, SoundCloud says it takes down copyrighted material that is posted by non-owners.


Free or $7/month for faster uploads

What they’ll love

Finding the next big indie artist before she’s signed.


This on-demand app allows you to play your favorite songs and artists the same way you would on a service like iTunes. You can even make a playlist that just includes your favorite songs and play them over-and-over again.


Free or $9.99/month for the ad-free version

What they’ll love

With a premium Spotify account, teens can download songs and playlists to listen to offline.


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