Best Music Making Apps & Sites for Kids
Best Music Making Apps & Sites for Kids

by Stuart Goldstein

Music is all around us and plays an important role in the majority of our lives. For most of us, music is, and has been for a long time, virtually in every aspect of our lives. We use it for many reasons- everything from parties to relaxation. But what you may not have thought of is just how important it is to your child’s development. Music is directly linked to nearly all areas of child development: emotional, language, literacy, and intellectual. It is scientifically proven to help the synchronization between the body and mind for children. Check out these top music apps and sites for kids to develop their musical brain and knowledge, while having fun at the same time:

Disco Fingers:

This app allows kids to make great music at the touch of the screen. The app uses colorful dancing fingertips that when tapped make a different tone depending on their position on the screen. This is an easy-to-use app that allows kids to create sounds and melodies that keep them interested and wanting more.

My Singing Monsters:

This brightly colorful game allows kids to create their own world of singing monsters, all with their own unique voices. While creating their world, the monsters sing on a loop which allows children to see how adding or subtracting certain monsters leads to different musical melodies.


Figure is a great app for kids to create their own original music. Although a bit more complicated than My Singing Monsters, this app allows your kids to experiment with customized drums, bass and synthesizer loops that provide unique results. Its easy-to-use dashboard allows kids to figure out the configuration and relationship between different musical instruments.


Keezy is a super simple, super fun app that lets kids record eight of their own different sounds onto their phone and use it to make different combinations and melodies. Almost like a looping personalized beatbox, Keezy uses kids’ voices and sound effects to teach them the connection between music and personality, interests and feelings.

Magic Piano:

This app gives children the idea that they are actually playing their favorite songs on the piano while tapping ascending dots on the screen. It allows kids to connect to their favorite songs and understand the structure of the melodies, verses, choruses and bridges.

Music soothes, relaxes, excites and inspires children of all ages. It is crucial to their mental development that they have a healthy understanding of what turns a string of random noises into a beautiful melody. The apps and sites above are a great starting place for your kid to become a budding musician.

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