Best Foreign Language Apps for Kids
Best Foreign Language Apps for Kids

by Bev Bachel

I’m planning to spend a month in Paris next year, so I’ve been asking friends for the best way to go about learning French. Many recommended apps. I wasn’t surprised by that — but I was surprised that so many of the apps they recommended were for kids.

Here are three that will have your kids speaking a second — and even a third language — in no time:


Best for: Kids ages 2 to 6

Cost: Free, available on Google Play

Monkimun’s colorful games like Monki Birthday Party and Monki Hide & Seek 2 immerse kids as young as two in learning language while they play.

Choose from English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

Kids then follow verbal instructions in the chosen language to do various activities, such as prepare for and celebrate a birthday or discover a magical world that includes everything from butterflies to camels and squids.

Mango Languages

Best for: Kids 12+

Cost: Free via local libraries, or subscribe for $20/month; available on Google Play and the App Store

This app (and your public library card) gives kids access to more than 60 languages, including Arabic, Japanese, Yiddish and even Pirate (can you say, Ahoy, matey?). It also includes 17 English courses taught in the native language of the user.

Each lesson incorporates four key components for successful communication: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture. Kids can record their speech to see how they sound compared to native speakers, and play timed memory-building exercises to help with retention.


Best for: It’s rated 4+

Cost: Free, available on Google Play and the App Store

Both fun (and addictive), Duolingo features dozens of mini-games during which kids race against the clock to test their reading, writing and speaking skills in nine languages.

Kids can challenge themselves or compete against friends. Bite-size lessons and the opportunity to earn badges keep kids engaged. Parents will appreciate that there are no ads or hidden charges.


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