Apps to Purchase Event Tickets at Discounted Prices
Apps to Purchase Event Tickets at Discounted Prices

by Cian Laurence

There’s really nothing like a live performance. Whether it’s a football game or a Broadway musical, nothing beats being in front of the action. However, getting tickets to a theatrical performance or sports event can cost big bucks. But thanks to some handy apps, it is indeed possible to find great seats for lots of events at discounted prices. Here is a list of the top apps to get your hands on the best ticket deals.

Looking for the latest concert tickets? Live Nation has got you covered. With a huge variety of genres and highlighted artists to save you time searching, this app allows you to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in the world of popular music. The app also has an alert feature through which you can set reminders for your favorite artists so you won’t miss the show when they come to your hometown. Also known as the At The Concert App, Live Nation has a fully operating payment system which you can safely save your information and streamline payment so you won’t miss a beat.

New York’s Broadway circuit is always bustling with world-class shows from the most prestigious directors and playwrights. However, lines to purchase tickets at the theater or discounters like TKTS can be quite long and ticket supplies short. TodayTix is the quick and easy way to pick up discount show tickets at the press of a button. This nifty app was created by Broadway producers to streamline the ticket process. Updated regularly, it offers the best deals to the best shows so you won’t have to stand in line. I’ve been able to watch some fine performances using this app a couple hours in advance of curtain time.

Maybe singing and dancing aren’t your thing. No need to worry because eSeat is a predominantly sport-based app where true sports fans can buy and sell discounted tickets for everything from baseball to boxing. eSeat is an easy-to-use app which offers seating views for accurate seating selection. Aside from sports, this app features a variety of tickets for local bands as well. eSeat is versatile and allows for spontaneity in enjoying events of all kinds.

How many times have you seen a poster for a show or play you would like to see but completely forget about it when tickets go on sale? iConcertCal is a clever app to keep track of all the concerts, shows and events you would like to be reminded of. This interactive app organizes concerts you might be interested in attending and has a feature that allows you to purchase discounted tickets at any time. It is helpful for those of us who live in big cities that draw top and emerging artists along with sports events.

Of course, there are still the big players in the discounted ticket game, such as StubHub, however the apps mentioned above are a good way to find cheap deals off the major sites which can cause ticket prices to rise to painstaking levels above face value. Keep your eye on these apps and you’ll be sure to enjoy the show. 

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