Tell Visual Stories With Your Smartphone
Tell Visual Stories With Your Smartphone

by Susan Marque

Visual stories on the web are becoming more popular than tweets or blog posts, and your ability to create incredible, eye-catching content is as close as your favorite app.

Storytelling apps let you play the director — cutting together video, photos and music to compose your family memories into narratives or create that mini documentary you always dreamed of helming.

The following storytelling apps let you use your smartphone or tablet to go beyond the basics. You’ll come up with stunning visual creations that could be award-worthy — or at the very least stories you’ll be excited to share online.

Steller (IOS – Free)

Stellar is an app that allows you to use photos, videos and text to create scrapbooks or flipbooks where you insert your content at the push of a button.

You can pick from a variety of themes to use with your images. You can also add pages of text to tell your story or add up to 20 photos or videos from your phone. There are also galleries that offer inspiration, where you can see many variations from combining moving or still content.

Brands like Urban Outfitters and Lululemon are using the app alongside smartphone users to create pocket-sized look books and stories that highlight their brand.

Movie Edit Touch (Android – Free)

Movie Edit Touch has a streamlined interface that lets you import your content and trim and edit it using tools similar to iMovie.

You can even shoot live right from the app or combine both video and photos from your library. You can add background music and quickly share your creations as soon as you make them.

Replay (IOS – Free/in app optional purchase)

Replay makes anyone feel like a professional editor in minutes. You choose photos and videos in the order you want them to appear, and can add text over the visuals if you want to, as well.

The magic takes shape with your selection of themes and music. There are several free themes, or purchase one or all of the themes for a low ($0.99 for a single or $9.99 for all) cost. The themes give your film a look that goes beyond filters and plays with transitions, cut aways, jump cuts and more fun film tricks. If you choose a normal pace, the cuts and visual effects line up with beats in the music to make you look like a pro. 

Super 8 (IOS - $0.99)

Super 8 is one of filmmaker Lauren Graham’s personal favorite apps. She says that she loves the look of the different lenses. Using black and white offers that silent movie look, and all nine lenses can be used for flashback sequences in a longer piece.

Opening the app reveals an entire Super 8 film case that uses animation and sound effects to give you the feeling of having the old-school camera in your hands, not simply an app on a smartphone. You create your shots and arrange them, then develop your film and watch on a pull down movie screen.

Using these apps, you can capture the stories that are in your heart or add texture to your memories in a way that will last forever.


Susan Marque got her M.F.A. in creative writing from The New School, writes for magazines, television, and is currently working on a memoir. She is also a healthy food expert, loves both food and tech, and all things photo related.  Her photo art has sold in Beverly Hills and London.

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