How To Use Photoshop Mix
How To Use Photoshop Mix

by Susan Marque

Adobe Photoshop used to be an expensive software package that only the pros could afford. With the rise of smartphone photogs, however, that’s all changed.

Adobe Photoshop mix (IOS and Android) gives you a simple way to use some popular photo editing tools for free.

Here’s how to mix it up:

If you want to change the lighting … Try: Adjust

When you open an image, the first tool at your disposal is “Adjust.” You can adjust a photo’s exposure, contrast, clarity and saturation.

To test this effect, simply choose the adjustment you are interested in, slide your finger to the right on the image to increase the adjustment, or to the left to decrease it.

If you want to change the mood … Try: Looks

The next tool is “Looks,” which provides filters you can apply to the image. Perhaps you want to highlight a face, a whole subject, or turn the image black and white except for one part that you leave in color.

Simply select the “look,” then shade over those areas with your finger. You can also use the feather tool to refine edges or to fan them out.

If you want to get artistic … Try: Combining images

Photoshop Mix allows you to put two images together easily as if they were “layers” in Photoshop. You can see demo mid-way through the video here.

You can make adjustments to each photo separately then put them together where one is the background image and one is the foreground image. To change the size of the foreground image, simply pinch it smaller or pull it larger and move it around with your finger or stylus. (I find that using the filters and cutting out an image works better when working with a stylus.)

If you want to make fuzzy image more clear … Try: Shake Reduction

In case your hand was shaking when you took your photo, you can use this to remove blurriness from your image and make it more clear. Once you click your image, select “Shake Reduction,” and you’ll get a few new choices of your image that are sharp vs. shaky.

One final thought:

The Adobe Photoshop Mix app is also fully integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, so if you don’t get exactly the look you are after, you can always utilize the full range of Photoshop tools too.


Susan Marque got her M.F.A. in creative writing from The New School, writes for magazines, television, and is currently working on a memoir. She is also a healthy food expert, loves both food and tech, and all things photo related.  Her photo art has sold in Beverly Hills and London.

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