Jon Stewart Defends His 'Daily Show' Successor Trevor Noah

Jon Stewart thinks Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect.

When Trevor Noah took over as host of the show in 2015, there was naturally some scrutiny and anticipation among viewers and fans of Jon Stewart's work. However, Jon Stewart publicly defended Trevor Noah and his role as the new host.

Stewart praised Trevor Noah's comedic talent and his unique perspective as a South African comedian. He emphasized that "The Daily Show" was evolving and that Trevor Noah was bringing his own voice and style to the show. Stewart acknowledged that change was part of the show's history, as he himself took over from Craig Kilborn years earlier.

It's worth noting that Jon Stewart's support and endorsement were instrumental in easing the transition for Trevor Noah and helping him gain acceptance from "The Daily Show" audience.


Video: "Jon Stewart Defends His 'Daily Show' Successor Trevor Noah"