Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See
Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

by DeAnna Janes

We're thrilled about the killer programs soon-to-be lurking on our DVR. Granted, we're still buzzing about the return seasons of 'Top of the Lake' and 'The Fall' -- and don't get us started on the mysterious season of 'American Horror Story'. For this roundup, however, we're sticking to the new stuff.

Herewith, 11 shiny-as-a-knife new shows to get your creepy TV fix.

1. "Quarry" on Cinemax

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

Based on Road to Perdition co-creator Max Allan Collins's crime novels, "Quarry" is the collaborative result of "Rectify's" Graham Gordy and Michael D. Fuller, with "Banshee's" Greg Yaitanes directing.

Their narrative takes a scathed Vietnam vet from the bloodbath overseas to the mob-ruled killing fields dotting the Mississippi River. Logan Marshall-Green, who you should recognize from spring's sleeper hit The Invitation, takes the lead as Mac "Quarry" Conway.

Trust us, these are eight episodes of intensity you want in your streaming arsenal.

2. "The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey" on CBS

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

The unsolved case of slain six-year-old beauty princess JonBenet Ramsey gets small-screen attention in the form of a six-hour docu-series.

In it, the very same investigators from the original investigation reunite to dig into files and pursue the leads they once had on their lists. Yes, you'll see other networks airing retrospectives, but this is the only real-time investigation going down -- and like ESPN's gripping O.J. epic, this one offers closure.

3. "The Exorcist" on Fox

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

First things first: This is not a remake.

Creator Jeremy Slater wants everyone to know that his serialized thriller is really a continuation of the horrors that happened more than 40 years ago. But not so fast -- the plot remains close to home.

A couple of priests come to the aid of an American family, the Rances (with matriarch Geena Davis), who are being terrorized by the sinister uninvited. Of course, this is Fox -- not Friedkin -- but we're still hoping for moments of spilled pea soup.

4. "Channel Zero: Candle Cove" on Syfy

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

A six-episode anthology series based on the Creepypasta short story by Kris Straub, "Channel Zero: Candle Cove" comes from a pair of accomplished storytellers: Max Landis (who wrote "Chronicle") and Nick Antosca (who wrote for "Hannibal").

The show, which kicks off with a group of people all having the same nightmares after watching a mysterious show, claims its M.O. is "to get weird" with the genre. And if the toothy teasers are any indication, we're in store for a creep fest with serious bite.

5. "Westworld" on HBO

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

Crafted by creative powerhouses Lisa Joy and her husband, Jonathan Nolan (yes, that Nolan), "Westworld" is a bit of a head-scratcher. Stick with us: It's a futuristic show about robots and cowpokes acting out their every carnal and violent desire in a dystopia where Anthony Hopkins is God.

A remake of Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi classic, it also stars Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris, and will play out like a 10-hour movie -- with trademark TV cliffhangers, we hope?

6. "Falling Water" on USA

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

A dream thriller starring a diverse cast under the direction of "28 Weeks Later's" Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, "Falling Waters" pivots around three strangers who find they're not only sharing the same dream but can enter the dreams of others.

It's a lofty concept -- one that Christopher Nolan pretty much perfected on the big screen -- but after the success of the network's genius "Mr. Robot", we can't help but be intrigued.

7. "Wolf Creek" on Pop

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

You know the based-on-true-events story already: Aussie serial killer turns the Outback into his own bloody playground littered with the bodies of tourists and backpackers.

Well, now there's a six-episode miniseries about it. Though, of course, the plot veers a bit off course -- in a good way.

This time, it's the killer who's the hunted. The hunter? Eve Thorogood, the 19-year-old seeking revenge for her slaughtered family. She's played by rising star Lucy Fry. This one should be fun.

8. "Chance" on Hulu

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

The doctor is back, though this time House is shrouded in mystery.

"Room's" Lenny Abrahamson directs Hugh Laurie in a taut psychological thriller about an SF neuro-psychiatrist who gets a bit too chummy with one of his patients and then finds himself tangled up in a violent and dark world populated with schizos and corruption.

Yeah, sign us up.

9. "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" on BBC America

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

This buddy sleuth mystery series blends supernatural crime work with dry wit. What's more, it comes from Douglas Adams, the mind behind the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Tack on a couple of "Walking Dead" producers, and you've got a recipe for fandom.

10. "Undercover" on BBC America

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

Anglophiles, rejoice, there's a British political thriller built on sex, lies, and secrets from BAFTA-winning Peter Moffat on the docket this November. And even though Moffat touts his six-episode miniseries as an "uncompromising and surprising thriller," it's the presence of Allstate's Dennis Haysbert as a wrongfully convicted man on death row that has us nodding in approval.

Guess we're in good hands, huh?

11. "Midnight, Texas" on NBC

Creepy New TV Shows We're Dying to See

Think "True Blood" on prime time. Still interested? So are we.

Based on the novel series by Charliane Harris, Midnight, Texas will soon see the light of day with all of its wolves, weirdos, and vamps. The show comes from Niels Arden Oplev, who directs "Mr. Robot", so we're hoping he can do for supernatural phenomena in Small Town, USA, what he does for vigilante hackers in corporate America.


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