Beverly Goldberg's character in "The Goldbergs" has endeared herself to audiences through her love, quirks, and comedic moments. Her portrayal as a loving and sometimes overbearing mother adds depth and relatability to the character, making her a favorite TV mom for many viewers.


Beverly Goldberg, portrayed by Wendi McLendon-Covey, is a beloved character on the television series "The Goldbergs." She has captured the hearts of many viewers and is often regarded as a favorite TV mom for several reasons:

Unconditional Love

Beverly's love for her children, Erica, Barry, and Adam, is unwavering and unconditional. She is fiercely protective of them and is always there to support and defend them, even when they drive her crazy.

Nurturing Nature

Beverly's nurturing nature is evident in her constant efforts to make her family feel loved and cared for. She goes to great lengths to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Quirky Personality

Beverly's quirky and over-the-top personality adds humor and charm to the show. Her melodramatic reactions, coupled with her strong New Jersey accent, make her a memorable character.


Beverly is known for her hilarious "mom-isms" and catchphrases, such as "Schmoopie," "You are not leaving this house!" and "I made you!" These phrases have become iconic and are often quoted by fans of the show.

Involvement in Her Kids' Lives

Beverly is highly involved in her children's lives, sometimes to an extreme degree. Whether it's meddling in their school affairs or planning elaborate surprises, she is always present.

Fashion Sense

Beverly's unique and colorful fashion sense, complete with '80s-style clothing and hairstyles, is a nod to the show's 1980s setting and adds to her endearing charm.

Balance of Toughness and Tenderness

While Beverly can be overbearing and controlling at times, she also has moments of tenderness and vulnerability. Her multifaceted character allows viewers to relate to her on different levels.

Comedic Timing

Wendi McLendon-Covey's comedic timing and portrayal of Beverly are a major factor in why the character is so beloved. Her performance brings out the humor and heart in the role.

Realistic and Flawed

Beverly is portrayed as a real, flawed person who makes mistakes but always learns from them. Her relatability makes her a well-rounded and endearing character.

Strong Family Values

At the core of Beverly's character is a deep commitment to family values. Her love for her husband, Murray, and her children is at the heart of the show's themes.

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