by Jackie Schneider

When it comes to the high-drama makeup found in fashion magazines, most of us think: "That's gorgeous, but there's no way I could pull that off." But the truth is -- you can rock those looks!

With the proper application, you can make those funky hair and makeup trends appropriate for your lifestyle. Here are my simple steps for making five of the hottest new looks work for you!

Makeup Trend No. 1: Fire-engine Lips

One of my favorite trends for the coming season is the bold red lip. It creates instant glamour, but unfortunately, it also often makes a mess.

How to wear it:

To avoid smears, choose a matte lipstick. Apply a thin layer to your lips with a brush. (Don't rub your lips together, which can smear the color.) Then roll a tissue into the shape of a cigar, place it in your mouth as if you're smoking it, and slowly drag it out to catch any of the excess lipstick.

Makeup Trend No. 2: Big, Bold Brows

Bold, architectural brows are in. But what looks fierce on the runways can come off a little intense in real life.

How to wear it:

For fuller brows that won't scare your coworkers, dab a damp-angled brow brush into an eye shadow that's one shade darker then your hair color. Then, flick strokes of color in any sparse areas of your brows. Make sure to apply in the direction of your hair growth. Next, dip a damp spoolie brush into the shadow and brush the entire brow until it's lightly coated in color.

Makeup Trend No. 3: Goth Polish

If you're not careful, inky nails can read a bit Wednesday Adams.

How to wear it:

Instead of a straight black, choose a dark, deep hue like charcoal, navy or deep plum. If that's still too edgy for your day-to-day, get just the right amount of drama by embellishing your base with a lighter hue: Use a scrunched-up tissue to transfer a thin coat of translucent metallic polish. Kind of like sponge painting, dab the tissue over your dark polish until you reach the level of opacity that you want. The layered colors add dimension to your mani -- not to mention a unique look!

Makeup Trend No. 4: Slicked-back Hair

Several spring catwalks showcased shellacked manes, but taken too literally this do risks looking more helmet head then chic.

How to wear it:

To get this sleek hairdo without the theatrics, style your hair while it's damp. Instead of a gel, use a creamy mousse or hair lotion that will provide hold without the slickness. Then blow-dry, making sure that the root direction faces back and away from your face. Pull back sections from your hairline and clip each section back. (Tip: Use a tissue between the clip and hair to prevent dents.) Once your hair has cooled, spritz hairspray all over, and remove the clips when it's dry.

Makeup Trend No. 5: Neon Shadows

Dare to wear pops of vivid shadows with these real life application tricks.

How to wear it:

Make those DayGlo shadows more wearable by using them sparingly: Apply the product to the outer corner of your eyes (below the crease). Shake off any excess powder, and with a small, compact "pencil" brush, blend the remaining shadow back and forth into your crease. With a bigger shadow brush, blend a beige shimmer shade over the entire eye. If you want to go bolder, you can either add another layer of your neon shadow, or apply it with an angled









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"5 Hot New Makeup Trends to Try"