McDonald's May Add Kale to Menu

McDonald's is supposedly considering adding popular health food kale to the menu. It would be part of a series of changes made to help the fast food chain's image.

Just a few months ago McDonald's made a commercial saying they'd never put kale on their menu.

But kale is cool for some reason. And McDonald's wants to be cool so now apparently there will be kale on McDonald's menu. So basically McDonald's is your tool friend who thought popping on a fedora on his head would be a one way ticket to cool town. Except McDonald's makes it all better with chicken nuggets.

McDonald's has been trying to balance its classic menu with a healthier, higher quality choices. We're not sure how exactly kale will fit into Mickey D's lineup. So I'm gonna guess our great friends the deep dryer and mayonnaise are involved. McDonald's has been tight to the chest about kale but restaurant analysts told cnn kale salads and kale smoothies could be in McDonald's future. Good, grimace told me he's trying to turn it around.

McDonald's' new CEO is very vocal about turning the ship around making things a little healthier. Another move they've made is making the nuggets with chickens that are on less antibiotics. Which is fine they could make the nuggets out of tires and we'd still like them.



"McDonald's May Add Kale to Menu