By Fitzgerald Cecilio

London, England

Former England captain John Terry vehemently denies accusation that he "snapped" and threw racial obscenity after being taunted by another player.

Terry testified Tuesday and faced prosecutor Duncan Perry, who earlier said that he "snapped" after Anton Ferdinand taunted him about his alleged affair with former teammate Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend.

Terry, Chelsea's captain, is accused of throwing a racial obscenity at Ferdinand, a member of the Queens Park Rangers, during a Premier League match on October 23 last year.

He faces a maximum fine of £2,500 ($3,900) if he becomes the first top football player in England convicted of racial abuse during a game.

"You're not a racist are you? But you used racist language because you snapped and it was instinctive. You were fed up with people abusing you over the issue with your wife," Penny asked Terry during his testimony at Westminster Magistrates Court.

"It was almost two years on and I had heard it a million times before. If I was going to snap, I would have snapped long before," Terry replied, adding that he has been goaded with his alleged affair with Vanessa Perroncel at "more or less every game".

"I just laugh it off basically," he said.

Terry also agreed that he had been "stitched up right and proper" by the allegations.

Terry testified he was sarcastically repeating the words that QPR centre-half Ferdinand mistakenly thought he had used.

"At the time I was shocked and angry. I had never been accused of it on a football pitch and repeated it back," Terry replied when asked why he kept on repeating the racial abuse.

"Hindsight's a wonderful thing. At the time I was shocked, I was angry, you can't control your emotions," he added

Terry also maintained that he will not apologize to Ferdinand because the QPR player had accused him.

"Why would I apologize to Anton when he is the one who accused me? What I said was in response to what Anton said to me," he said.

Soccer - Chelsea Captain Terry Maintains He is Not Racist