London, United Kingdom

Britain is thinking about deploying ground-to-air missile batteries in six of its cities to the east of London to protect the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A statement from the British Ministry of Defense said the deployment would be part of a 10-day major exercise, dubbed Olympic Guardian, that will begin Wednesday.

The statement further said there would be a visible presence of armed forces, ships and aircraft as a result of the exercise that is aimed at testing Olympic security.

Royal Navy's flagship and largest vessel, HMS Ocean, which is a floating command center as well as a helicopter carrier, is likely to be included in the exercise along with early warning helicopters and Royal Air Force helicopters.

The naval choppers will be deployed at the Ilford army base east of the Olympic Park. RAF Typhoon jet fighters will also be a common sight in London skies during the exercise.



Britain May Deploy Missiles for 2012 London Summer Olympics