By Fitzgerald Cecilio

Madrid, Spain

Unable to contain his disappointment, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho berated his team for its lackluster performance that resulted to a 1-0 loss to Sevilla Saturday.

"From the first to the last minute we were poor," Mourinho told the team's official website about the team's latest loss. "We were bad in the first half and we were bad in the second half too. They really deserved the win and we deserved the loss more."

Piotr Trochowski booted in a goal after 69 seconds to secure a 1-0 victory for the hosts and hand Real a second league defeat in four games that dropped it eight points behind Barcelona in the Primera Division.

"I worry about my team and the fact that since the start of the official season we have only played well in the Super Cup, a little bit against Valencia and a little bit against Granada," Mourinho said. "That is my concern rather than points. At this moment I have no team."

Mourinho also congratulated Sevilla for its outstanding performance, saying his team deserved to lose because of its poor performance.

"Congratulations to them -- we got what we deserved for how badly we played," Mourinho said. "At this time my team isn't up to scratch but I'm the coach and the responsibility is mine."

He also defended Cristiano Ronaldo from criticisms that his personal or professional problems have affected the whole team, saying he has nothing to do with Real Madrid's poor showing on the field.

"I don't think that the rumors of the last couple of weeks have anything to do with it," Mourinho said. "It is about a state of mind and of two or three who aren't thinking like the rest. They are the minds of players which are not committed and for whom football is not a priority in their lives."

"There aren't many involved and it's complicated, but I'm coach and if there are those less committed then it is my fault," he added.

Ronaldo was rumored to be unhappy with his current contract with Real Madrid after he did not celebrate his two goals against Granada.

Mourinho is preparing his team for an upcoming match against Premier League titleholders Manchester City in the Champions League Tuesday.


Mourinho Berates Real Madrid's Lackluster Performance