Fitzgerald Cecilio

London, England

Chelsea's Eden Hazard kicked a bal boy on the sideline after he lost patience with what some saw as the latter's playground antics.

With Chelsea behind 2-0 on aggregate and just 10 minutes remaining in a Capital One Cup semifinal match against Swansea, the lad tasked to retrieve the ball held on to it and fell on it as the clock continue to run. This apparently provoked Hazard to kick the ball boy, Charlie Morgan.

Hazard was dismissed for violent conduct, which normally carries a three-match ban, although the penalty can be increased "in "exceptional circumstances".

Morgan picked himself off the field and was able to resume his duties after rolling around the ground in apparent pain for a perod of im.

The match finished 0-0 with the Swans securing a Wembley final date with Bradford.

Both the player and the balboy apologized to each other after the match in the Chelsea changing room. Hazard, who said he was trying to kick the ball, and the 17-year-old ball boy were interviewed by South Wales Police.

The ballboy, who was with his father, made no complaint about the incident.

Professional Footballers' Association chairman Gordon Taylor called Hazard's actuations unacceptable and said that he will be punished. The Association is reviewing footage of the incident.