by Danyelle Little

Make Date Night Exciting Again

How to keep together-time from feeling routine

There is something both exciting and romantic about date night. It can reinvigorate a marriage or a relationship, solidify a bond and serve as a wonderful way for a couple to spend time together away from the kids and career. Date night is necessary every now and then to keep those romantic fires burning.

But how can you keep date night from being monotonous and predictable?

While dinner and a movie is a fun way to spend time together, it can get old after awhile. Keeping your date night exciting can help spice things up and make the occasion special and memorable. With a little imagination and creativity, date night can be fun again!

Turn Date Night Into a Stayaway

Make date night super sexy by turning it into a night or two of fun. Book a room or suite in your favorite hotel and spend a night or the weekend away from the kids in a nice hotel or bed and breakfast. Enjoy room service, book a couple massage at the spa and relax together while spending a few days alone, just the two of you. Check out my staycation ideas here.

Salsa, Anyone?

Taking dance lessons together can light up the passion and give the two of you a new appreciation for one another. Book an appointment with a local dance instructor and get physical; salsa, ballroom dancing or even a hip-hop dance routine can be a fun workout for the two of you.

Cooking Class

The "couples' cooking class" is all the rage these days. Many cooking studios and instructional kitchens offer cooking classes for couples, where you can learn to cook a three-course meal together. Preparing a meal together can be a bonding experience, and you can also meet and chat with other local couples in the area.

Do Something You've Never Done Before

Make date night a chance for both of you to try something you've never done, but have always been curious about. Perhaps the both of you have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon or go skydiving, but never have. In order to keep date night fresh and exciting, exploring new things that the two of you both want to do can be a fabulous way to ignite the spark and create excitement.

Switch It Up

Date night doesn't always have to be during the evening. Having a standing lunch appointment once a month during the day can also be a way to keep you connected, even during your busy schedules.

No matter what you both decide to do for date night, it is most important that it is an enjoyable experience for the two of you. As long as you are spending time together, that is what counts most.


"Make Date Night Exciting Again"