What's Up with Your New Baby's Snoring?
What's Up with Your New Baby's Snoring?

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes

Now that you have a new baby, it's likely your husband isn't the only one snoring away at night.

As many moms learn, some newborns are also noisy night breathers, emitting sounds very much like snores. Rest assured, this racket is common and isn't usually cause for concern.

Here, some reasons behind the snores and remedies for helping your new baby have a quieter night's sleep.

Baby Snore Reason #1: She's still little

Your newborn's airways are narrow and filled with lots of drool, so her breathing may sound bubbly, wheezy, and downright loud. This baby snoring will gradually lessen and should eventually disappear as she ages, since her airways will get bigger and she'll learn how to better swallow her saliva.

Baby Snore Reason #2: The common cold

Mild sickness, like an upper respiratory infection, can disrupt your baby's sleep and affect her breathing, making it sound like she's snoring at night.

Baby Snore Remedy #1:

Just before bedtime, take your baby into the bathroom and run hot water in the shower to create an at-home spa. Standing in the steam may help to clear your new baby's breathing passages. You could also add moist air to her room by setting up a warm-mist humidifier.

Baby Snore Remedy #2:

Dirt and other household particles can irritate tiny nasal passages, which in turn may exacerbate your baby's snoring. Make a habit of vacuuming well a couple of times a week and washing items that tend to attract dust.

Keep track of your baby's snores, even recording them so you can learn whether her sounds are changing in any way.

If her snoring is loud and occurs on a regular basis, or if you find that your infant's breathing seems labored, speak with her pediatrician, as it could be a sign of something more serious. Rest assured, though, a few little nighttime gurgles and grunts during the first months of your new baby's life are usually nothing to worry about.

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