The Magic of Saying No -- and Meaning It
The Magic of Saying No -- and Meaning It

by Danyelle Little

When it comes to parenting, sometimes it pays to be the bad guy

Being consistent is one of the most difficult things I've learned about parenthood, especially when you have to put your foot down. It is easier to be lenient by letting your children get away with something because, let's face it---no one wants to be the bad guy. But when you are too relaxed and easygoing with the rules and with your parenting, you can unwittingly create a monster that becomes even harder to control.

That's why there are times when you must say no and follow through with it.

There is nothing wrong with saying no and meaning it. When you say no to something and then go back on your word, it will be hard for your kids to know when you are being serious and when you aren't. You don't want your children to not take you seriously when you are parenting them.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't feel bad about saying no.

Saying No Is Good

You can't say yes to everything, nor should you. When your child is making poor decisions, or acting out, you must stop the behavior in order for it not to become a pattern. Saying no is good because you are the parent and you are in charge.

Saying No Prepares Them For the World

As your children get older, they will learn that the world does not always cater to their whims. If you are not saying no to your children, they may be in for a rude awakening when they finally encounter someone who does say it to them. In the real world, there are plenty of no's, so they need to be used to not always getting their way.

Saying No Is Healthy

Saying no can be a therapeutic experience for parents who, more often than not, take on a lot each and every day. You are already overwhelmed and even overextended. Saying no can free up a few minutes of your day.

Saying No Is Necessary

As a mom, you have to create boundaries and promote good behavior. Being the bad guy never feels good, but it is necessary to make sure your little people grow up to be positive and well-behaved citizens. Think of saying no, not in the present, but also the future tense. Think of how it will help teach your child to be a better person.

Moms, most of us don't like saying no, but it comes with the territory when you are a parent. Be consistent, stay the course, and know that you are being the best mom you can be. Your kids will love you for it.

Danyelle Little is a professional blogger, author, freelancer, and social media consultant located in St. Louis, Mo. After losing her corporate job in 2009, Danyelle forged ahead to create, a Web magazine that focuses on work, life and play. Her site has been mentioned by Glamour,, Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Danyelle is working on her second book, which will be released this year.


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