More Than 100 Gold Medals up for Grabs
More Than 100 Gold Medals up for Grabs

By Dyfed Loesche (Statista)

In total, there are 102 gold medals up for grabs at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Here's a look at the medals by sport.

That breaks down to 6.8 gold medals that will be awarded in the 15 days of competitions with medals from February 10 to 25. Most are awarded for ice skating where 14 medals will decorate the best athletes. One gold medal weighs 586 grams, so the total weight of gold medals awarded will be close to 60 kilograms, about 132 pounds, the weight of 5 standard gold bars.

This chart shows the number of gold medals available at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, by sport.

More Than 100 Gold Medals up for Grabs
2018 Winter Olympics: Number of Gold Medals by Sport

2018 Winter Olympics: Sports & Events

The 2018 Winter Olympics features 102 events in 15 sports, making it the first Winter Olympics to surpass 100 medal events. Four new disciplines in existing sports were introduced to the Winter Olympic programme in Pyeongchang, including big air snowboarding, mixed doubles curling, mass start speed skating, and mixed team alpine skiing.

Here is every event that is taking place at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Sport Event
Alpine SkiingMen's Downhill
Alpine SkiingWomen's Giant Slalom
Alpine SkiingMen's Combined
Alpine SkiingWomen's Slalom
Alpine SkiingMen's Super-G
Alpine SkiingWomen's Super-G
Alpine SkiingMen's Giant Slalom
Alpine SkiingWomen's Downhill
Alpine SkiingMen's Slalom
Alpine SkiingWomen's Combined
Alpine SkiingTeam Event
BiathlonWomen's 7.5 Km Sprint
BiathlonMen's 10 Km Sprint
BiathlonWomen's 10 Km Pursuit
BiathlonMen's 12.5 Km Pursuit
BiathlonWomen's 15 Km Individual
BiathlonMen's 20 Km Individual
BiathlonWomen's 12.5 Km Mass Start
BiathlonMen's 15 Km Mass Start
BiathlonMixed 2 X 6 Km / 2 X 7.5 Km Relay
BiathlonWomen's 4 X 6 Km Relay
BiathlonMen's 4 X 7.5 Km Relay
BobsleighTwo-Man Runs
BobsleighTwo-Woman Runs
BobsleighFour-Man Runs
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's Skiathlon
Cross-Country SkiingMen's Skiathlon
Cross-Country SkiingMen's Individual Sprint Classical
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's Individual Sprint Classical
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's 10 Km Freestyle
Cross-Country SkiingMen's 15 Km Freestyle
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's 4 X 5 Km Relay
Cross-Country SkiingMen's 4 X 10 Km Relay
Cross-Country SkiingMen's Team Sprint Freestyle
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's Team Sprint Freestyle
Cross-Country SkiingMen's 50 Km Mass Start Classical
Cross-Country SkiingWomen's 30 Km Mass Start Classical
CurlingMixed Doubles
Figure SkatingMen's Singles
Figure SkatingLadies' Singles
Figure SkatingPair Skating
Figure SkatingIce Dancing
Figure SkatingTeam
Freestyle SkiingMen's Aerials
Freestyle SkiingMen's Halfpipe
Freestyle SkiingMen's Moguls
Freestyle SkiingMen's Slopestyle
Freestyle SkiingMen's Ski Cross
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Events
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Aerials
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Halfpipe
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Moguls
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Slopestyle
Freestyle SkiingWomen's Ski Cross
Ice HockeyMen's
Ice HockeyWomen's
LugeMen's Singles
LugeWomen's Singles
LugeTeam Relay
Nordic CombinedIndividual Large Hill 10Km
Nordic CombinedIndividual Normal Hill 10Km
Nordic CombinedTeam Large Hill 4 x 5Km
Short Track Speed SkatingMen's 500M
Short Track Speed SkatingMen's 1000M
Short Track Speed SkatingMen's 1500M
Short Track Speed SkatingMen's 5000M Relay
Short Track Speed SkatingWomen's 500M
Short Track Speed SkatingWomen's 1000M
Short Track Speed SkatingWomen's 1500M
Short Track Speed SkatingWomen's 3000M Relay
Ski JumpingNormal Hill Individual
Ski JumpingLarge Hill Individual
Ski JumpingLarge Hill Team
Ski JumpingWomen's
SnowboardingMen's Parallel Giant Slalom
SnowboardingMen's Halfpipe
SnowboardingMen's Big Air
SnowboardingMen's Slopestyle
SnowboardingMen's Snowboard Cross
SnowboardingWomen's Parallel Giant Slalom
SnowboardingWomen's Halfpipe
SnowboardingWomen's Big Air
SnowboardingWomen's Slopestyle
SnowboardingWomen's Snowboard Cross
Speed SkatingMen's 500M
Speed SkatingMen's 1000M
Speed SkatingMen's 1500M
Speed SkatingMen's 5000M
Speed SkatingMen's 10000M
Speed SkatingMass Start
Speed SkatingTeam Pursuit
Speed SkatingWomen's 500M
Speed SkatingWomen's 1000M
Speed SkatingWomen's 1500M
Speed SkatingWomen's 3000M
Speed SkatingWomen's 5000M
Speed SkatingMass Start
Speed SkatingTeam Pursuit

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