Super Bowl XLIII - Steelers 27 Cardinals 23 - Statistics & Box Score
Super Bowl XLIII - Steelers 27 Cardinals 23 Statistics & Scoring

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Super Bowl XLIII Scoring

Teams Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Source: NFL
Pittsburgh Steelers3143727
Arizona Cardinals0701623


Super Bowl XLIII Scoring Summary

Qtr Time Plays Yards Duration Team Scoring Summary PIT ARI
Source: NFL
19:459715:15PIT18-yard FG by Jeff Reed30
214:0111697:12PITGary Russell 1-yard TD run, Jeff Reed PAT100
28:349835:27ARIBen Patrick 1-yard TD reception from Kurt Warner, Neil Rackers PAT107
20:00 -- -- -- PITInterception returned 100 yards for TD by James Harrison, Jeff Reed PAT177
32:1116798:39PIT21-yard FG by Jeff Reed207
47:338873:57ARILarry Fitzgerald 1-yard TD reception from Kurt Warner, Neil Rackers PAT2014
42:58 -- -- -- ARIHolding penalty on Justin Hartwig in the end zone for safety2016
42:372670:21ARILarry Fitzgerald 64-yard TD reception from Kurt Warner, Neil Rackers PAT2023
40:358782:02PITSantonio Holmes 6-yard TD reception from Ben Roethlisberger, Jeff Reed PAT2723

Super Bowl XLIII Final Team Statistics

Statistic Steelers Cardinals
Source: NFL
Total First Downs2023
By Rushing42
By Passing1220
By Penalty41
Third Down Efficiency4-10-40%3-8-38%
Fourth Down Efficiency0-0-0%0-0-0%
Total Net Yards292407
Total Offensive Plays (Inc. Times Thrown Passing)5857
Average Gain Per Offensive Play5.07.1
Net Yards Rushing5833
Total Rushing Plays2612
Average Gain Per Rushing Play2.22.8
Tackles For A Loss-Number And Yards6-170-0
Net Yards Passing234374
Times Thrown - Yards Lost Attempting To Pass2-222-3
Gross Yards Passing256377
Pass Attempts-Completions-Had Intercepted30-21-143-31-1
Avg Gain Per Pass Play (Inc.# Thrown Passing)7.38.3
Kickoffs Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks6-2-14-0-0
Punts Number And Average3-46.35-36.0
Had Blocked00
Fgs - Pats Had Blocked0-00-0
Net Punting Average35.035.0
Total Return Yardage (Not Including Kickoffs)10533
No. And Yards Punt Returns2-52-34
No. And Yards Kickoff Returns4-805-91
No. And Yards Interception Returns1-1001-1
Penalties Number And Yards7-5611-106
Fumbles Number And Lost0-02-1
Extra Points Made-Attempts3-33-3
Kicking Made-Attempts3-33-3
Field Goals Made-Attempts2-20-0
Red Zone Efficiency2-4-50%2-3-67%
Goal To Go Efficiency2-4-50%2-3-67%
Final Score2723
Time Of Possession33:0126:59

Steelers Final Individual Statistics

Source: NFL
B. Roethlisberger21/3025611
W. Parker1953015
M. Moore1606
B. Roethlisberger4204
G. Russell2-311
S. Holmes9131140
H. Miller557021
H. Ward243038
N. Washington111011
C. Davis1606
M. Spaeth1606
M. Moore1404
W. Parker1-20-2
B. Keisel0010
L. Woodley0000
Je. Reed2/2213/39
M. Berger335.0149
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLong
C. Davis219021
G. Russell221024
Punt ReturnsNOAVGTDLong
S. Holmes2204
J. Farrior6-10.000
I. Taylor5-20.000
B. Keisel4-10.000
L. Timmons4-00.000
J. Harrison3-10.010
B. McFadden3-00.000
L. Woodley3-12.001
T. Carter2-00.000
R. Clark2-30.000
L. Foote2-00.000
D. Townsend2-10.000
W. Gay1-00.000
C. Hampton1-10.000
T. Kirschke1-00.000
Aa. Smith0-10.000
S. Holmes0-10.000
T. Polamalu0-20.000

Cardinals Final Individual Statistics

Source: NFL
K. Warner31/4337731
E. James93309
J. Arrington1000
T. Hightower1000
K. Warner1000
L. Fitzgerald7127264
A. Boldin884045
S. Breaston671023
J. Arrington235022
E. James428011
J. Urban118018
T. Hightower213010
B. Patrick1111
K. Warner2200
E. James0010
N. Rackers0/003/33
B. Graham535.0345
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLong
J. Arrington420023
S. Breaston1909
Punt ReturnsNOAVGTDLong
S. Breaston217034
A. Wilson7-00.000
C. Okeafor6-00.000
K. Dansby5-30.010
D. Dockett5-12.000
R. Hood5-10.000
D. Rodgers-Cromarti5-00.000
G. Hayes4-30.000
M. Beisel2-20.000
R. Brown1-00.000
C. Campbell1-00.000
A. Francisco1-00.000
T. LaBoy1-00.000
A. Rolle1-20.000
A. Smith1-10.000
G. Watson1-00.000


Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27 Cardinals 23

Source: NFL
DateJanuary 18, 2009
LocationRaymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
MVPSantonio Holmes, Wide receiver
FavoriteSteelers by 7
RefereeTerry McAulay
National anthemJennifer Hudson
Coin tossGeneral David Petraeus
Halftime showBruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
AnnouncersAl Michaels, John Madden, Andrea Kremer and Alex Flanagan
Nielsen ratings42.0 (national), 53.6 (Pittsburgh), 47.5 (Phoenix)
US viewership98.7 million est. avg., 151.6 million est. total
Cost of 30-second commercial$2.4 million--$3 million


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Cardinals Steelers Super Bowl XLIII Tampa Bay Florida February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII - Steelers 27 Cardinals 23 - Statistics & Box Score